PLACE: Community rur. Ouarkhokh, Distr. Dodji, Departim. Linguère, Louga Region
ASeS Lazio –

Groupment d’Intèrèt Economique “Le Djolof”

DRAFT approved by resolution of the ASeS Board of Directors no. 1 of 01/30/09

This project to cultivate a large vegetable garden in the village of Nguith, aimed to contribute to the improvement of rural living conditions by achieving to:

– curb rural emigration and exodus;

– increase the consumption of fresh and assuredly sourced produce;

– create stable employment locally in the agricultural sector;

– secure employment and income for rural people, especially women and young people.

Crops include cabbage, tomatoes, onions, chilies, okra, green beans, peppers, cucumbers, squash and eggplant. The choice of vegetables to be grown naturally took into account the demand

in fact, either

n addition to self-consumption, the rest of the produce is marketed in Linguere and Dahra, two large urban agglomerations close to the village, where the demand for fresh horticultural produce is real, as, given the almost nonexistent urban agriculture, they are forced to source from far-flung locations by having produce that has deteriorated due to difficult transportation arrive in local markets.