LOCATION: Oulampane Rural Community, Bignonia Province, Ziguinchor Region.
DURATION: 12 months
APPLICANT: Ass. DIAMORAL / ASeS – Solidarity and Development Association
COUNTERPARTY: AVIS – Association Villageoise de Silinkine

The P.R.I.S. project is an integrated primary sector development initiative in the village of Silinkine in the Ziguinchor region of Senegal, a region with a strong agricultural and pastoral vocation. The local protagonist, the Association villageoise de Silinkine (AVIS), with the support of the C.E.R.P.A.D. (Centre d’études de recherches pour le développement et l’appui au partenariat) in charge of carrying out a participatory process with the population to emerge needs and priorities, set itself four specific objectives, focusing on the contribution of women and young people:

  • Making the village self-sufficient in rice production

  • Increase yields from legume cultivation

  • Diversifying fruit production

  • Improving local poultry breeds and increasing breeding yields