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Good agricultural practices and food security for a hopeful future

We publish some videos shot by Daniele Gallo ASeS contact person in Mozambique. These are images that testify to the participation and inclusion of local people. The goal of the social farming project is to lay the groundwork for residents to reap the benefits and know-how in order to arrive at self-management of the land and related productions. Environmental sustainability, good agricultural practices, and the ability to cope with climate change are elements that will ensure healthy food for the families of the farmers and the patients at the local hospital. This is certainly a long path and certainly not always easy, but this is the only way to curb the rampant phenomenon of malnutrition while generating a small income for those who work the land.

The celebration that sanctioned the start of activities for 2020. Excitement and participation among the new beneficiaries.

Preparatory phase for technical and basic knowledge training courses regarding environmental and food safety

The land available to be able to implement the projects

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