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Support for health personnel in a disadvantaged community located in the remote areas of Sofala province

approved by the BOD on 04/30/15, on May 30, ’15 the
PROJECT “Support for health personnel in a disadvantaged community located in the remote areas of Sofala province”
DRAFT appr. by Amb. Of Italy – UTL of the Coop. It. in Maputo with contr. of fin. dated 04/07/15
LOCATION: Muanza, Muanza District, Sofala Province.
DURATION: 12 months (project end date September ’16)
APPLICANT: ASeS – Solidarity and Development Association – Mozambique
LOCAL PARTNER: Provincial Directorate of Health SOFALA

Fee charged to Amb. Of Italy – UTL of the Coop. Ital. in Maputo € 30.000,00 45,45%
Fee charged to Acção de Solidariedade € 6.000,00 9,10%
Fee charged to ASeS – Solidarity Development Association € 30.000,00 45,45%
TOTAL € 66.000,00 100,00%

This project aims to achieve the following objectives:
1. Introduce and spread agricultural production diversification through agro-livestock training activities;
2. Disseminate knowledge and use of specific techniques in horticulture, animal husbandry and balanced diet;
3. Create conditions for stable, long-term, and prolonged stay of the health personnel in force in the villages.
Each goal will be respectively achieved through the following activities:
1. Activation of a Community Garden with the provision of appropriate kits and adoption of best practices of goat rearing and other small animals that will be provided by the project;
2. Trainings, at various times of the year, concerning good agricultural practices, animal husbandry, animal care, and the pursuit of a healthy, balanced diet;
3. Construction of a house for health workers to be located in the vicinity of the Health Center and to comply with the directions of the Provincial Directorate of Health SOFALA.

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