Why make a donation to Ases – Farmers Solidarity and Development

ASeS carries out international cooperation projects in many countries around the world; we have a permanent presence in Paraguay, a country where our presence is rooted in years of collaboration with local entities and realities; in Mozambique, where we have been cooperating for years on emergency and rural development projects; and more recently in Senegal, where ASeS is devoting itself to projects that facilitate the development of local communities.

Your donations will help us carry this out: in addition to expenses for projects specifically, we are forced like all organizations to incur other expenses (travel, offices, maintenance…). These are expenses that are often not covered by the funding bodies but are equally important; moreover, these bodies cannot always cover the full expenses for a project, so we find ourselves having to find these resources elsewhere. For this we need your help.

Taxation of donations
Your donations will help us carry this forward. In addition, all organizations incur other expenses, often not covered by the funding bodies, that enable the association to function properly and are therefore essential for project management.

Donation via bank account

You can donate to ASeS with the classic checking account directly to our account, just enter our iban code IT82Z03069096061000012790 and the amount of the donation to be made.

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