LOCATION: Municipality of San Miguel, Department of Misiones
DURATION: 10 months
COUNTY: Pastoral Social de la Diòcesis de San Juan Bautista

DRAFT Approved by resolution of the B. of A. of ASeS dated 26.01.12

The hamlet of Ysypo was in a severe situation of poverty and destitution, so ASeS began a process of restoring human dignity by constructing an artesian well complete with connections in 2011 with the goal of facilitating irrigation and achieving initial food self-sufficiency as well as providing the village with potable water.

This project is intended to go a step further by increasing family incomes through passion fruit and mint production for the agro-industry, which has been particularly interested in these products because of their easy marketability, high profitability and large market shares.

For this first phase, 70 of the neediest farming families were selected to form two Product Associations (Mburucuyà and Mint) divided into two groups and properly trained to supply the local agro-industry. This one from the Passion Fruit gets juices and concentrates while from the Mint it gets herbal medicinal infusions.