LOCATION: Marromeu District, Sofala Province
DURATION: 12 months
APPLICANT: ULSS 10 Company – Eastern Veneto / ASeS
COUNTERPARTY: Provincial Directorate of Health of the Province of Sofala.

With a view to creating suitably welcoming conditions for staff who will be going to work in health care facilities, located in remote areas. it is planned to build 1 dwelling at the Amambos Health Center in Marromeu District to house the technical staff to be assigned to the above-mentioned health unit. In addition, Italian cooperation will provide each home with a refrigerator, a kitchen, a table, eight chairs, four beds and a closet while UNICEF has pledged to set up, at each health center, a water point that will be accessible to the population by avoiding water supply at waterways near the locations.

Such a water point will benefit the Health Center itself. Finally, in collaboration with the Italian Confederation of Farmers, horticulture and small-scale farming activities will be set up at each health center, which should ensure food support goods for the staff on duty at the health centers as well as supplementing the diet of patients admitted to the Health Units. An expatriate technician is scheduled to oversee the construction of the homes in the two districts, using local companies and labor. The furniture will be delivered once the houses are completed.

Water points will be implemented when the intervention is completed. Once the technical staff arrives at the Health Centers, the Italian Farmers Confederation will send volunteer technicians to accompany the implementation of horticulture and small-scale animal husbandry activities for one year.