LOCATION: Department of Misiones, District of San Juan Bautista

DURATION: 12 months


Municipalidad de San Juan Bautista de las Misiones

Overall goal:

– Improving the quality of life of women associated with the “Comitè de mujeres horticolas de San Juan Bautista Misiones.”

Specific objectives:

– Improve quantity and quality of horticultural production;
– Increase the income of women producers and their families through the sale of produce at a weekly municipal market.

Expected results:

– Rural women receive technical training in horticultural production such that they can improve their production in terms of quantity and quality;

– Creation of a Committee of Women Horticulturists of San Juan Bautista Misiones;

– Rural women, hitherto marginalized and often with families and dependent children, will be able to generate enough economic income to enable them and their families to live a dignified life;

– At the local market, consumers will be able to buy fresh, healthy produce at a fair price.

Planned activities:

– Purchase of materials and infrastructure;

– Development of a six-month production plan for both self-consumption and sale;

– Training courses on topics such as Organization, Culture and Commercialization;

– Weekly collection of produce by women producers to be sold at the San Juan Bautista Misiones farmers’ market;

– Training of leaders on the topics of administration and accounting.