LOCATION: Asuncion, District of Asuncion, Region Central Department
DURATION: 12 months (project end May ’21)
APPLICANT: ASeS – Farmers Solidarity and Development.
LOCAL PARTNER: CENPTRA National Center for Drug Treatment Prevention.

Overall goal of the project
Promote a new model of care and shelter for drug addiction center guests through horticulture, farming and training activities aimed at reintegration into civil society.

Direct and indirect beneficiaries
The direct beneficiaries will be teenage drug addicts staying at the center undergoing detoxification treatment, which currently has 16 beds. Indirect beneficiaries will be people who are in contact with the center as relatives of guests, center workers and all those people who will make use of it, considering that the center receives monthly, an average of 1,200 to 2,000 outpatient consultations.

Project summary
Through horticulture and animal husbandry activities have a tool for training, reintegration into civil society, welcoming and caring for young people who will be housed in the center. The project plans to create a teaching garden equipped with an irrigation system and a greenhouse for seedling preparation and production of ornamental plants. To create a space for breeding small livestock such as goats and rabbits, for more therapeutic than productive purposes according to the logic of Pet Therapy, and finally to improve the freshwater fish breeding system already present in the center itself.

Project supported with Eight Per Thousand Funds from the Waldensian Church