LOCATION: Italy, Tuscany Region
APPLICANT: CIA-Agricoltori Italiani Livorno

Objectives: The establishment of a stable Network of support, with methodological approach of the circularity of relationships that is established between practices, attitudes and professionalism of practitioners, system and policies, consumers and local inhabitants, users of practices and family members involved. In particular, the Socio-Cultural approach that unites the organizations and entities involved in the network and the experimentation with innovative models of social economy and community welfare
Number of potential users: 18 users (5 disadvantaged individuals under 40, 1 disadvantaged individual over 40, 11 people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and/or Down Syndrome under 40, 1 person with Autism Spectrum Disorders and/or Down Syndrome over 40)
The topic of Social Farming has been the subject of reflection/experimentation for a number of years in the Province of Livorno as well, with the project intended to remedy a number of weaknesses that have emerged over time:

  • Lack of contacts to deal with to initiate and manage practices (regulatory references, clear operating rules, manage insurance and legal coverage);
  • Accompanying processes of change and integration between agricultural and social actors and sectors (organizing appropriate forums for decision-making, overcoming mistrust of farmers and in relations between actors from different sectors, codifying practices in their diversity);
  • Accompanying policies (presence of services on the ground and in social farming enterprises; provide clarity on available tools and resources, proceed with relevant tools to accompany job entry and facilitate hiring with appropriate relief)
  • Distinctiveness and knowledge of Social Farming (increase knowledge of agriculture by municipalities and public institutions; increase consumer involvement and knowledge with respect to ethical products).