LOCATION: Municipalities of San Miguel, San Juan Bta. and Santa Rosa, Misiones Department
DURATION: 12 months
COUNTERPARTY: Municipality of San Miguel, San Juan Bta. and St. Rose

DRAFT approved by resolution of the ASeS Board of Directors on 03.12.11

The project, at the request of rural families in the three municipalities involved, created three groups, one for each municipality, which formed as many “product associations” (Passion Fruit and Mint) capable of meeting the high demand for raw material from the local agribusiness. Proceeds from the sale of the products will supplement the income of rural families and be used to increase crop extension.

The two chosen productions, passion fruit and mint, have interesting characteristics. The former is a product that is used by agribusiness to produce juices that are consumed in the domestic market while the concentrate is exported internationally (South America and central and northern European countries). Mint is used for medicinal herbal infusions widely consumed in Paraguay, Argentina and southern Brazil and exported to Europe. Agribusiness is promoting to farmers these products that have a good market and good remuneration.

Briefly, the actions envisaged in the project for overcoming subsistence farming and shifting to rent agriculture to serve agribusiness are:

-1- technical training course on passion fruit cultivation (establishment of three product association groups);

-2- technical training course on mint cultivation (establishment of three product association groups);

-3- establishment of nurseries (one for passion fruit seedlings and one for mint seedlings);

-4- land preparation and planting (rows for passion fruit);

-5- transplanting from nurseries;

-6- product collection and marketing at the agro-industry.