DRAFT approved by resolution of the B. of A. of ASeS dated 09/25/13
LOCATION: Department of Ñeembucú, Municipality of San Juan Bautista
DURATION: 12 months
LOCAL PARTNER.: “Tekojoaju” ASAM Mutual aid association of the local parish.

The municipality of St. John Baptist Ñeembucú is home to 6,000 people. This is an area where agricultural activity is predominant but not very productive. Local young people tend to migrate to the city in search of better prospects. Low educational attainment, however, complicates their entry into the working world. This makes it necessary to qualify the technical and vocational training of the rural world. The project gives the young people in the camp more professionalism and expertise: a better cultural education that would facilitate their entry into the city’s faculties and, at the same time, help their families get out of a mere subsistence economy.

The San Benito Agro-Ecological School occupies a brick building (with about 8 hectares of surrounding land) that includes: a room to house teachers, a room equipped for teaching, a small room for the secretary’s office, a boys’ dormitory, a refectory room, and a room that houses 4 bathrooms with showers. The entire facility was built with financial support from the Missionary Center of the Diocese of Treviso.

With this project will come:

  • Built the kitchen, which currently occupies the teachers’ room;

  • Completely reinstalled the electrical system, which is found to be insufficient and unsafe;

  • Guaranteed an initial salary to an appointee and a support technician;

  • Made an irrigation system for the school garden, setting up a small well with pump.