DRAFT approved by the Basilicata Region through Determination No. 217 of April 11, ’18
LOCATION: Italy, Basilicata Region
DURATION: 36 months (project end date October ’21)
APPLICANT: University of Basilicata – Department of European Cultures

The project is spread over five different areas of the Basilicata Region and sees ASeS collaborating with three Scientific Institutions that have contributed to the exploration, characterization, preservation and enhancement of the local plant and cultural heritage, a SpinOff Society, a National Association that has always been linked to the enhancement of typical products and natural territories, three Lucanian Associations that are very active in the research, characterization and enhancement of typical products and local traditions along with eight Local Administrations.

The goal is to improve the socio-economic conditions of the affected areas. Each partner enhances its best skills in the different project activities by complementing each other to create the necessary synergies.
ASeS participates in accompanying activities and in particular in trainings for new residents, asylum seekers and migrants. The involvement of ASeS is of extreme interest to the project as it is thought that the integration of new residents within a community, can be accelerated by knowledge of the customs and traditions of the local population. Trainings for new residents are another opportunity for overcoming any barriers between local and non-local populations.

The value added by ASeS is the willingness to support the accompanying actions of the project with specialized staff in engaging new residents/asylum seekers/migrants by facilitating social inclusion.

Concretely, the Accompanying Actions developed by ASeS are supporting the organization of two training courses for new residents, asylum seekers and migrants, supplemented with field experiences and preparation of informational materials.