LOCATION: Municipality of Milan, Province of Milan, Lombardy Region
DURATION: 9 months
APPLICANT: ASeS – Solidarity and Development Association – Lombardy
LOCAL PARTNER.: Ass. Community imm. Lomb., CIA Lombardy, CIA Milan-Lodi-Monza

The Feeding the Changing City project, launched in 2013, is now in its third and final year. The goal is to verify the possibility of producing on our territory, fresh exotic vegetables, characteristic of the food traditions of communities of foreign origin who have immigrated to our country. The initiative is realized with the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo and the scientific coordination of the research group of Prof. Stefano Bocchi of the State University of Milan.

The experience gained during the first two years in terms of product knowledge, procurement of certified seeds, and cultivation techniques and conditions means that the third year can be planned with the expectation, net of completely adverse weather conditions, of being able to have a harvest of all fresh vegetables.