DRAFT approved by resolution of the B. of A. of ASeS on 25.06.13
PLACE: Dept. Misiones, Distr. S. Juan Bautista, S. Ignacio, S. Rosa, S. Miguel and Santiago
DURATION: 15 months
LOCAL PARTNER.: Association of Producers of Misiones of Fruits and Medicinal Herbs.

The objective of the project, which is located in the area of agricultural production, is to ensure the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices and technical and logistical accompaniment with respect to the already experimented mburukuya and mint crops while incorporating, however, two new cash crops (Citrus and Yerba mate) through the implementation of demonstration plots at the producing farms and the start-up of practical-theoretical workshops provided to community members.

The aim is to increase the cultivated area by 50 percent and to install at least 3 demonstration plots of Yerba Mate and Citrus so that producers gain more knowledge with respect to this kind of planting.

Regarding the institutional area, the project, with a view to establishing a cooperative, aims to strengthen the organizational basis of the Association through conferences and workshops regarding the issues of cooperativism, participation and social cohesion in addition to improving the marketing of agricultural products through incorporation to the Fairtrade system. By the end of the project, the Association will possess legal personality, a regular Register of Members, registration in the Single Register of Taxpayers with Tax Code and any other documentation is required by Paraguayan law.