LOCATION: Ybañez Rojas, Misiones Department

DURATION: 12 months

LOCAL PARTNER: Diocesis de San Juan Bautista de las Misiones,
Association of Misiones Producers of Fruits and Medicinal Herbs.

It has developed in the Department of Misiones, a micro economic system managed by the Misiones Association of Producers of Fruits and Medicinal Herbs that fosters the creation of production chains of passion fruit, herbs and vegetables. Fruit and herb growers in Misiones, with the direct and ongoing support of ASeS, have achieved the not inconsiderable result of creating a major production center. Currently, one last step is missing to make the work done so far complete and able to generate an autonomous and sustainable system. For this reason, the creation of a rural agribusiness center that can devote itself to the processing of products that until now are sold in the local market as raw materials was considered. Specifically, it is planned to equip the producer association with a small, adequate infrastructure for the storage and processing of raw materials, such as passion fruit and medicinal herbs including yerba mate, ka’a he’e (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni), and vegetables, while simultaneously strengthening the system of rearing locally produced chicks and eggs with the installation of a poultry incubator and year-round vegetable production with the construction of a greenhouse .