LOCATION: Bandundu district, Bandundu, Kenge and Bagata municipalities
COUNTY: Diocese of Kenge

The project expanded and deepened the benefits generated by the food security intervention carried out in the same region. The objective pursued, complementing the previous project, was to strengthen endogenous capacity to respond to the severe food security deficit gripping local populations. At least 13,000 farming families organized into 450 Village Committees for Development (CVD) directly benefited from the intervention. Indirect effects have benefited the entire population of the region estimated at around 900,000. The main objectives of the intervention were:

  • The creation of 8 Coordination of CVDs (CCVDs);

  • The promotion of women’s role in the public sphere and in productive activities;

  • the production of corn,rice and soybean seeds, the promotion of caterpillar farming and fish farming as well as the production of corn and cassava meal;

  • The rehabilitation of 250 km. of slopes and the construction of 6 bridges;

  • The organization of rural markets and the strengthening of the logistics network of evacuation of agricultural products.rE