DRAFT approved by resolution of the ASeS Board of Directors no. 5 of 10/15/08
LOCATION: Municipality of N’Dalatando, Cuanza Norte Province
COUNTY: ASeS Abruzzo – Diocese of N’Dalatando

The project directly benefited the young children of the women workers at a farm established on 70 hectares of land provided by the local diocese. The main activities of the farm are raising pigs and poultry and growing corn, beans, peanuts and sweet potatoes.

Relieving the tasks of the many women mothers/workers, who traditionally do the harvesting and sorting of produce with their offspring on their backs, has also meant increasing their productivity and consequently, the availability, qualitatively and quantitatively, of produce in local markets with an obvious economic benefit for the women themselves who often head large families. A kindergarten was then set up that would: take care of the children, provide them with a meal and assist the mothers.