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Covid-19: ASeS on the front lines against the food emergency in Senegal, Paraguay and Mozambique

If the health emergency caused by Covid-19 has brought many economies in rich countries to their knees, the pandemic that is spreading, with unstoppable speed, in the poorest areas of the Planet is likely to have devastating consequences in every respect.

In these countries, the risk is that the economic damage will be so severe that the many social and environmental advances of recent years will be erased. The danger of a large-scale food catastrophe, with consequent social and political tensions, is now anything but a remote possibility and is an emergency that affects every one of us. That is why ASeS has taken steps to also carry out in Paraguay, Senegal and Mozambique, countries where the NGO has a foreign office, the #agricultorisolidali campaign intended to collect foodstuffs to donate to the poorest and most affected families of the coronavirus. In different ways and according to the possibilities of each reality, the result was that of a great evemto of human solidarity, during which the populations involved adhered enthusiastically and with much participation.

Strictly following the government anti Covid regulations issued in the three countries, the beneficiaries were distributed foodstuffs, water purifiers, soap, masks and information materials to avoid infection.

In detail:

Senegal: flour destined for children with various forms of malnutrition was delivered to la Poste de Santé in Keur Moussa; our partner Jef collaborated on the initiative, while the Network of Women Producers and Processors of the Municipality of Keur Moussa agreed to produce the flour as a sign of participation in the initiative.









Mozambique: food and infection prevention kits were delivered to 50 beneficiaries in the Xinavane community. The delivery was made in groups of 10-15 people as requested by local authorities. The food kits contained basic necessities such as vegetables from the community garden, while the prevention kits not only provided informational materials but also contained masks, soap, and water purifiers.

Paraguay: The #farmersolidarity campaign and related food collection aimed to provide a response to the serious economic situation the country is experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was with this spirit that the Olla popular Food Solidarity Day was held in Barrio Yatai’-San Juan Bautista de las Misiones that enabled many families in need to have healthy food. A day of collective participation as the citizenry joined forces to help those in the most vulnerable areas.


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