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Paraguay: first country in Latin America to implement WHO warnings

While it is true that the coronavirus has spared no country, it is equally true that the impact of this epidemic is having far more devastating consequences in poor and poorly structured countries.

This is the case, with few exceptions, in the Latin American land which, with some differences, is characterized by precarious and inefficient public health care systems. Since the first cases of “positive patients,” the trend has been one of exponential growth due in part to the fact that Continente is heading into winter, the season many experts say is most dangerous for the spread and lethality of Covid-19. The virus has embedded itself in a very fragile health care environment, with chronic problems of recurrent outbreaks unresolved for decades. Just think of dengue, a disease that can be deadly and is transmitted through the same mosquito that also transmits yellow fever.

Paraguay, where ASeS operates with recognized foreign headquarters mainly in two departments , Department Central and Department of Missiones , was the first country in Latin America to acknowledge the WHO warnings and immediately ordered the closure of all borders and a national quarantine. In this health emergency situation, our commitment has never failed.

Aligning with the requirements of the government authorities, our project “Building a Decent Future” continued to provide support to the young beneficiaries of the project as confirmed by our staff member Luigi Esposito.

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