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Mauro Pagnano’s photo book: stories of malnutrition and poverty

Photos that not only tell the story, but immortalize and bear witness to a country only seemingly far away. Shots that, also through plays of color, depict bodies, faces and postures, images that paint the soul of those being photographed. This is the work of our contributor Mauro Pagnano. Flipping through the photo book, the reader cannot help but be moved, because every furrow, every wrinkle and every hand is an indelible written word, telling of lives lived on the edge of endurance, hardship and often bitterness and disappointment.

This is the story of Senegal as told through the lens of Mauro Pagnano.

Faces of women and children, looks that tell of lives we often cannot even imagine, a photo puzzle that speaks of resignation of entire communities. This is the journey that Foodporn vs. Foodpoor offers us.

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