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November 25 International Day Against Violence Against Women

Violence against women a reality shared by all countries, rich and poor. Testimonials from our contributors on the occasion of this day

Daniele Gallo: Mozambique


There are many signs that Senegal is implementing initiatives to counter the many, some linked to local traditions, forms of violenceagainstwomen. The Constitution today provides that men and women are equal before the law and prohibits discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, disability, language, and social status. However, discrimination still remains and is very deep-rooted and widespread especially in rural areas
Violence against women, rape, and sexual harassment are against the law, but the government has not yet put in place all the necessary tools to vigorously combat it particularly when it occurs within a family. The Ministry of Justice estimated that in 2009 47 percent of accused rapists went unpunished and were released without taking part in a trial. Finally, there are still few pathways to help and support women who have experienced violence. For them, and their families, too, with our social farming projects, the transfer of our know-how and good farming practices, we seek to provide income opportunities with the intention of ensuring autonomy and independence from humans.

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