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Mission to Mozambique occurred during the week of October 21 to October 26, 2019

Telling what and how many project results ASeS has achieved is not only a source of pride but more importantly an opportunity to share the results of our work with our members, supporters and friends. ASeS co-operates with developing countries seeking to empower the interests of local communities through concrete long-term aid without settling for short-lived welfarism, it is therefore essential that any work established to ensure a solid foundation and a future for current and new generations is shared with those who have always stood by the NGO believing in the value of its mission. So here is the detailed report of Director Claudio Guccinelli’s latest visit to Mozambique received by our contributor Daniele Gallo.

Mission to Mozambique occurred during the week of October 21 to October 26, 2019.

Main objectives: the handover, by the Director, to the future Country Representative and the identification of the paperwork necessary for the completion of ASeS activities in Mozambique.

Main activities performed:

  • Meetings with project partners, local counterparts, funders and other CSOs present and active in Mozambique. The action was aimed at consolidating existing relationships and establishing a dialogue for new collaborations.
  • Presentation meeting and registration of the organization at the AICS office in Maputo, a crucial practice for the change of representation in the country.
  • Field visit to Xinavane (Manhiça District) that allowed to understand the potential of ASeS action in the country and to develop, together with the local Agronomist, innovative and sustainable proposals aimed at the growth of the project and the consequent increase of direct beneficiaries.
  • Meetings with the previously identified labor consultant to establish the administrative procedures necessary for the proper management of local personnel in compliance with Mozambican legislation.
  • Defined the and priorities for carrying out Cooperation and Development activities in the country for the next biennium.

Positive or particularly significant aspects:

  • Regarding the Human Resources employed by ASeS in Mozambique, the potential of the local staff could be seen, which, with proper accompaniment, will be able to guarantee better results in both the administration and implementation phases of the project.
  • Positive relationships with local Partners and project beneficiaries. ASeS is rooted on the ground, with a relevant historical presence in Mozambique and an organizational structure that allow for a resumption of activities and a revitalization of the organization in the country.

Activities scheduled for the last two months of 2019:

  • Strategic redefinition in the country (sectors: Rural Agriculture, Food Security, Nutrition and Health), consolidation of relations with possible project partners (representative meetings with other NGOs registered and active in the country) and identification of new calls in the country (monitoring funds and financing).

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