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Terra Madre-Taste Fair: Cia among supporters of 2016 edition

The agricultural organization announces its support for the Slow Food-sponsored event to be held in Turin, Italy, Sept. 22-26.

“We will bring our ideas, agricultural biodiversity among consumers, and a ‘Youth Point’ to offer information on opportunities in the sector.” This is how Cia-Agricoltori Italiani explains its support for the 2016 edition of Terra Madre-Salone del Gusto, to be held in Turin, Italy, Sept. 22-26.

As is well known-underlines the Cia-this year’s edition of the review will also go outside the Lingotto to get more in touch with citizens. An idea that we share and that will allow us to make the activities and projects we carry out more visible. To benefit farmers, with their businesses, and inform citizens by making them more aware of the reality of Italian agriculture and the properties of quality food.”

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