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5 per thousand campaign 2016


The 5 per thousand is a free mode of giving: the donor can decide to give 0.5 percent of his or her taxes, which he or she would pay into state coffers anyway, to a third-sector organization or association.


We at ASeS would like to launch this year’s fundraising campaign for the 5 per thousand by starting right away with a very important fact: regarding the 2013 fiscal year, so regarding the following year’s fundraising campaign, we have achieved an outstanding result; thanks to your help we were able to raise 226,936.28€!

This great achievement comes from more than 18,705 people who chose us directly to donate their 5 per thousand. Thanks to all of you, the Solidarity and Development Association has been able to fund a great many projects supporting local rural development around the world, which you can discover from this page:


But we don’t want to stop there!




We still need a lot of help to carry out all the projects we have in the pipeline, in fact there are many projects that need funding:

To help us through your 5 per thousand all you need to do is enter our tax code in the appropriate box on your tax return or have it done by your accountant.


Tax code to be entered: 90026450271


Have you decided to help us yet? Well, you can do more!

If you have already decided to support us you can try to convince your friends and acquaintances to do so as well, and to do so we ask you to do two things:

  • share this article on social media via the buttons below;
  • Download the poster below and post it as a cover on your social networks.



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