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A garden in Sambowté. first phase

PROJECT “A garden in Sambowte” first phase
Approved by resolution of the B. of A. of ASeS on 30.04.13
PLACE: Podor Province, St. Louis Region
DURATION: 12 months (project end June ’16)
LOCAL PARTNER:EIG, Sambowtè Economic Interest Group.

Fee charged to the Association “A School of Rainbows” € 15.000,00 50,00 %
Fee charged to ASeS – Solidarity Development Association € 15.000,00 50,00 %
TOTAL € 30.000,00 100,00%

The main objective is the general improvement of village living conditions, comprehensively understood, starting with the quantity and quality of nutrition, especially for children and adolescents. The medium- to long-term goals will also include, and with the preparation of a special project of:
– Interventions on health conditions, with the possibility of creating an outpatient clinic;
– Training of “agricultural animators” and dissemination of technical skills in agriculture;
– Adult literacy;
– Creative activities carried out jointly by Italian students and village youth, privileging the rich heritage of the area’s sounds.
The strategy of the present project phase involves, as a priority, solving the emergency of raising water from the Senegal River to enable the crops on which the food supply depends, in large part.
At the heart of the intervention, however, is the Sambowté school, which,through management and educational activities on an orchard (1 ha) and a vegetable garden (1/2 hectare),to be set up on areas already made available by the village chief, will be a genuine laboratory for the dissemination of new cultivation techniques and for more overall social animation. It is hypothesized that within the two areas, a small part will also be used for experimenting with crops that are no longer practiced or are endangered.

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