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Women’s Emergency Lake Chad

PROJECT “Women’s Emergency Lake Chad”
DRAFT approved by the BOD on 07/07/15
PLACE: Logone/Chari, Far North Region
DURATION: 2 months (project deadline November ’15)
LOCAL PARTNER: ComitéDiocésaindesActivitésSocialesCaritatives de Yagoua

Fee charged to ASeS – Solidarity Development Association € 15.000,00 100 %
TOTAL € 15.000,00 100,00%

In order to address the serious problem of displaced people present in the northern part of the Far North Region of Cameroon on Lake Chad, fleeing frequent reprisals carried out by the dangerous religious rebels of Boko-Haram, the intervention aims to meet nutritional assistance to the most vulnerable social groups: children, women (especially pregnant women), the elderly and the sick.
In essence, assistance is carried out through the distribution of foodstuffs. In the present case, grain needs (millet or corn depending on availability) will be met by ensuring a couple of fortnightly distributions to a number of about 350 households with an average number of 7 members.
The project, which is typically emergency, is intended to lay the groundwork for subsequent collaboration aimed at achieving more concrete and lasting development goals as soon as the crisis situation has receded.


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