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Project “Guayaki”

DRAFT approved by resolution of the B. of A. of ASeS on 08.05.13

LOCATION: San Ignacio, Misiones Department, Paraguay

DURATION: 12 months (project end May ’14)

LOCAL PARTNER: Misiones Passionflower and Mint Producers Association.


Fee charged to ASeS – Solidarity and Development Association € 12.622,48 75,94%
Value share. charged to Ass. prod. of Misiones passionflower and mint € 4.000,00 24,06%
TOTAL € 16.622,48 100,00%

The rural Guayakì settlement, which began to be populated in 2009, is located 20 kilometers from the city of San Ignacio and is situated on land purchased by INDERT, National Earth Institute.

It consists of two zones: one low and easily flooded and one high. In the second one families were given 3 hectares and in the first one 10 hectares as not very suitable for cultivation. The settlement has a dirt road that presents difficulties in rainy weather. There is also an artesian well and electricity. A committee of 20 growers was formed immediately after the inauguration.

The “Misiones Passionflower and Mint Producers’ Association” has succeeded in initiating a process to promote and strengthen the technical, organizational and financial capacities of small producers in order to incorporate new crops; particularly passionflower and mint.

The goal of the project is that the Guayakì Committee can also join the “Misiones Passionflower and Mint Producers Association” in order to start cash crop production in that community as well. It is planned to plant 5 hectares, or a quarter hectare for each of the 20 families.

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