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“Martin Rolon” peasant settlement development project

PROJECT ONG/PVD/2007/134-657

LOCATION: Misiones Department, San Ignacio Municipality, Martin Rolon settlement, Paraguay

COUNTERPARTY: Diocese of San Juan Bautista de las Misiones.

FINANCING: EU x 74.46% of 490,200 € equivalent to the total. of action costs

On October 30, 2006, the Martin Rolon Cooperative was inaugurated: the culmination of the NGO-PVD/2003/065-145/IT project that was the premise of this initiative. The present action aimed to continue the work finished with that project for the benefit of families still living in the settlement but who could not benefit from the first intervention.

The objectives were:
– restore dignity to these families by rehabilitating their homes (through the method of self-building) by serving them, also, with potable water;
– through theoretical and practical agricultural vocational training courses, initiate the establishment of experimental educational gardens and animal husbandry;
– overcome subsistence agricultural production by interpreting the land factor also as a source of income;
– To give new impetus to dairy cow and pig farming in particular;
– practice agriculture that aims at commercialization through the newly established Cooperative in which the beneficiaries of the previous intervention have joined.

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